parenting… sigh.

yesterday was a hard day for all of us. max has been struggling with his behavior and making good choices. we’re thinking some of it probably has to do with the realization that the baby is coming soon. all that to say, yesterday was ROUGH.

but today, today was a great day. we all enjoyed each other, and max completely turned his attitude around. all day he kept telling us ‘mommy, know what? i love you!’ and that is something i want to remember always. the hard days are oh so tough, but they make the sweet days so much sweeter. oh the ebb and flow of parenting. so thankful to have ryan by my side as we try to navigate this crazy world of a two and a half year old’s rationale.


book club baby sprinkle.

oh how blessed we are with the people that love us. dani insisted that we do something to celebrate our sweet honey bun. since our book club meets once a month, she thought it would be the perfect setting to get a few girlfriends together to celebrate! and what a special night it was!!





dani put so much love and attention into every single detail, it really warmed my heart so much. everyone that came was more than generous and now we feel like we are prepared to welcome our special one! thank you dani for making us all feel so loved and for bringing another level of excitement to this pregnancy!

big boy status.

we’ve had lots of big changes over here lately! and it’s just the tip of the iceberg… ;o)

max decided one day on the way to target that he wanted to trade in his binkies for a toy. we had been dreading the day we decided to get rid of them, so we were thrilled when he came up with the idea on his own. i made him keep repeating what we were gonna do with the binkies when we got home, and he seemed totally settled in it. he picked out this ‘gavin’ (vacuum), came home, and threw his binkies in the trash!! he asked for them a few times after, but it was really a pretty amazing transition. we even made it through a stomach bug just a few days post- major win!!


big boy soccer star!! the first class was kind of an interesting one for all of us… we assumed max would go in and automatically love it, and he only sort of loved it :o/. he wanted to go in and kick the ball, and had to get adjusted to the idea that it’s more about listening to the coach and doing what they say, not just kicking the ball. the first time he was also one of the older ones in the class, so we decided to move him into an older class. i think it helps him being able to watch the older kids and see what he’s supposed to be doing, and he’s done awesome in the last few classes. he is so excited for it every week, and it’s a great lesson in listening and following directions!



and a really exciting big boy change- a whole new room!! we’re going to keep his old room as the nursery, so that meant a whole change of scenery for max! he never ceases to amaze us when it comes to BIG changes, he rolls with them no problem. we spent a weekend painting, staining, and moving him in, and when it came time for his nap he hopped right in and went to sleep! he’s been loving it- especially having his teepee in there, and having a wall he can write on!! we made our own chalkboard paint for the blue accent wall and it worked like a charm. so thankful for our max, and how he makes big changes feel not so scary. hopefully he’ll do the same when our honey bun joins our family… one month and counting!!

a special 4th!

there is just something about the 4th of july in a small town that can’t be beat. absolutely nothing better than a small town and family that you love dearly!


we started out with a big time celebration on the 3rd at the Air Force base. it is the most wonderful event for families, and max had the best time! we watched from afar as he tried to weasel his way into a soccer game with a bunch of 10 year olds. we were in awe of his brave and independent spirit, 8 years difference wasn’t about to keep max from trying to get in on the action!

this was his first year actually seeing the fireworks, and he loved them!

first stop for the 4th was the train station. in all of ry’s years of going to alamogordo, he had never ridden it! a fun first for ry, me, and max to share 🙂

next stop was the parade- so idyllic!

max was beyond excited. police trucks, firetrucks, and people tossing candy- a heavenly combo for a 2 year old little boy

i see many more 4th of july parades in our future 🙂


our final 4th destination, the space hall! it was an awesome place to hang out and wait for the big show! another first that max and i got to share 🙂



and seriously- does it get any better than that?!

the cherry on top- the best firework show i’ve probably ever seen! all of the festivities were so wonderful, but the best part was spending so much quality time with gg and grandad. i’m putting in our reservation for next year’s 4th already!!

things i love lately.

and in no particular order, just things (mostly people) that make my heart smile 🙂 .

the little sous chef.

‘workin’ my ‘puter!’ max got this little leap pad computer for his birthday, and he has loved it! we have loved it too, now that we’ve figured out he knows all of his letters (most days ;))! this one- smart as a whip i tell ya!

‘push little basket, me!’ this has been a blessing and a curse… he love, loves it so that’s the good part. the not so good part? nearly running over other trader joe’s patrons, and not being able to fit all of our groceries inside. picture me with my 25 week baby belly trying to corral max while holding half the groceries…not pretty i’m sure.

this awesome pool was only $30 at sam’s club! it has turned our backyard into a summer oasis!


World Cup fever around here!! we have had so much fun cheering on the US, and playing tons of ‘toccer’ with our little one!

bio-parking with some of our faves!

max reading a story to our ‘honey bun.’ it is sort of a different experience this time around not finding out the gender. we’re really so excited for the surprise, but we really weren’t a fan of calling the baby ‘it.’ our dearest dani (who’s been through this before) said they would always think of an endearing name for their baby so it didn’t feel so ambiguous. we decided on honey bun for our little bun in the oven 🙂 . i kind of can’t believe we have only 15 weeks left, and if the doctor’s feelings are right, we could meet this baby before then. it feels a lifetime away but right around the corner at the same time.

max changing the oil in his ‘red truck.’ he is most definitely a truck guy!

max getting to fish for his very first time with ry and his dad. what a fun day we had celebrating Father’s Day!

celebrating 6 joy- filled years with this man. he is more than anything i could dream of- so thankful for our journey together! and thankful for a night out in Santa Fe while grandmom and grandpa stayed the night with our sweet.

max inherited the love of ‘pock-corn’ from his daddy! we were both so proud to see ry’s latest movie up on the big screen at the premiere for cast and crew. max stayed awake for the whole movie (until past 10- eek). when ry was talking after the movie max yelled out ‘yay daddy’ and started clapping. i know all of us were more than a little choked up, one of the sweetest moments ever.


max providing the entertainment at beth & hans’ rehearsal dinner. he had everyone smiling!

i’m in love with the face max made when ry told him to do a frown.

classic selfie.

most precious ring-bearer in history.

most handsome date ever.


we all had so much fun at beth & hans’ wedding! max was literally the life of the party- all eyes were on him for most of the reception… and he ate up every minute of it. no idea where he gets that from???
love my guys and this sweet life!

big boy bed!

and we have made the switch! it was definitely something that i was nervous about, and for the most part the nerves were totally not necessary! our trip to LA prompted the change- we brought the pack ‘n play for him to sleep in, and he was way too big. he slept in it the first night, but none of us slept well since he was tossing and turning around in there. the first thing we did in LA was hit up IKEA to get some stuff for a make shift bed for the next few weeks. we ended up making him a cozy bed on the floor in our room, and to our surprise, he slept like a champ! he stayed in his little bed at night and for naps, and that showed us that he was ready for his big boy bed! we didn’t want to go back to putting him in his crib once we were home, so we went ahead and got him all set up.

“one more hug!” we so love this part of having him in a bed! we all get to snuggle up together to read books at night and then have a solid few minutes of hug time 🙂

for the most part the hug sessions end with a good night sleep! we’ve had a few early mornings, but he’s slowly adjusting to his normal schedule. we are always so proud when our precious boy reaches another milestone, and exceeds our expectations a million times over!! we love you max!

the west coast.

i guess i’ll consider it a win that this post is not quite a month overdue. so that i’m sure that i’ll actually finish it and post it within the next year, i’ll let the pictures do most of the talking. i’ll just say this… it was almost three weeks of pure bliss. something our little family so needed, and something i pray we can do again soon!



what a blessing it was to be able to stop in phoenix and stay with family that we don’t see near enough! max had so much fun with kallin and kynli, and he especially loved all of their fun toys! the adults had just as much fun chatting and catching up as the kids did 🙂 thank you deana and shayne for your amazingly gracious hospitality!



first stop in LA being IKEA… happy mama!!



citywalk had lots to look at for the littlest turri 🙂








disneyland was one of my most favorite days in a long time. max really loved it too, despite his face in the above pic :/ . toon town was number one on his list, but it’s a small world ran a close second. the ice cream was probably next on his list, meeting characters falling to the way bottom of his favorite things about disneyland. characters from a distance- good, up close- BAD. still, best day ever.


our first beach day was a little bit chilly. neither of my guys cared, but this mama stayed far away from that frigid ocean water. thankful for a hubby that will brave the icy water to stand in the waves with a two year old who couldn’t feel the cold 🙂


maybe it was that cold ocean water that made max really love the much warmer pool water. lucky for us, most days were warm enough to swim, and ry did an amazing job introducing max to the world of swimming. by the end of our trip max was holding his breath and going under water! hopefully we’ll have a swimming fish by the end of summer!!


a fun night of eating with cousins, and the intro to max taking selfies- haha! he even has a clicking sound that coordinates with his fake camera!



a few more of his now famous selfies. he even checked his background to make sure 😉


we did lots of walking around our old neighborhood. so glad we got to bring max back to the place where we brought him home. so different this time around, no baby asleep in the stroller, just a running toddler! so special.





we were beyond grateful to be included in two easter celebrations! being away from home, it felt so good to be with people that we love, celebrating a special holiday. and max was thrilled, three separate Easter egg hunts, all eggs filled with treats 🙂 definitely such a special easter that we will remember always.





of course we had to visit some of our favorite places to eat. umami, western bagel, donut prince, and bob’s big boy just to name a few.


max’s face in this pic KILLS me. he looks kind of like a hilarious little crazy person, but really he’s in heaven people watching in venice with his blueberry muffin. blueberry muffins are his most favorite food in the world right now- like he would choose it over ice cream! say what?!


walking around lake hollywood- perfect morning.






the grove, one of the places we miss so much. we just had to make a few stops there, and we were glad when matt could join us! max is crazy about him, probably because they enjoy the same things, like pretend sleeping on the couch at j crew, and watching the fountain. max’s face in their pic is hilarious, ry told him he saw a bear just as he was snapping the pic- haha. and the reality of trying to take a family pic with a wiggly toddler. i love them just as much as if they were perfect 😉


ry got his chance at a guys night out with matt, and i made him take it! when else could he experience the big lebowski fest?? haha- he loved it!!


bob’s big boy on a friday night filled max’s car loving heart. until someone started their LOUD engine and he jumped into my arms at the speed of light 😉



our second try at a beach day was PERFECT.


and just like that, it was time to say goodbye.


we were so thankful for our time together in a place that still feels like our second home. and really thankful for our max who was beyond amazing in the car. now that we know how good he is on road trips, we just won’t wait so long to take another!

our guy lately.


our little one is growing!! we had his 2 year check up last week and he’s now 35 inches tall!! that’s almost 3 feet- aahhh!! and the 75th percentile! he weighed in at 26 pounds which is the 50th percentile. perfect sized baby!! we had a long talk about going to see jeff (his doc) in hopes that the tears would be minimal. he kept saying ‘jeff-clothes-off’ so we were hopeful. we sat in the waiting room and as soon as max saw jeff the waterworks started. and didn’t stop, for quite a while. no shots though, so yay. even after all those tears, max hasn’t stopped talking about jeff all week 🙂


max is so much fun lately. he can really focus on one activity for a while and is so good at playing independently. such a blessing on busy work days!


i love when you can see the look of pride in his sweet little face 🙂


and always the helper- well at least when it comes to sweeping. he really has a thing for brooms? this broom in particular belonged to abe makes a movie! max had so much fun helping dad and getting fawned all over by the cast 😉


another day another broom. oh and this time he decided he needed to be shirtless. classic!


max wasn’t so sure about the giant ants and bees at the botanic gardens, but the carrots he liked. he kept saying ‘touch ceiling!’ 🙂


and naturally the train was a big hit. he would wave each time it went by, what a love.


these pics in ry’s socks kill me. wait for it…


leg up yoga move.


and his final yoga move.


his precious soul is loved by everyone he meets. and we can’t imagine loving him more, yet i know we will.

TWO years old!

of course we couldn’t let this milestone get away without multiple celebrations for our sweet one. birthday hotcakes before our big day out at the zoo!! to say he was excited to face forward in his seat would be a … Continue reading

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